11×17 Paper Size

11×17 Paper Size and Name

11×17 paper size is in the scope of US paper sizes, and has an official name as ANSI B size. It also has name as Tabloid paper size or Ledger paper size, either is called because of its orientation, and 11″x17″ is what it measures in inches.

So, literally, the commonly known name 11×17 paper is called simply by its inch dimensions.

In metric terms, it measures 279.4 x 431.8 in mm, and 27.94 x 43.18 in cm.

11x17 Paper Size in inches, cm, mm
11×17 Paper Size in inches, cm, mm

Regions of Use

Different from ISO paper sizes which are used in the most countries of the world, it is mainly used in American countries including US, Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, and some other regions under the influence of American colonization.

World Regional Distribution of ISO Paper Sizes and American Paper Sizes
The areas in blue are where the 11×17 paper is applied

Layout of 11×17 Size: Ledger & Tabloid

Below is the drawing of it in inches. As mentioned, it is interesting that its name Tabloid size or Ledge size in the United States is just called by its orientation, just as you can see on the drawing.

11x17 Tabloid & Ledger Paper Size in Inches
11×17 Tabloid & Ledger Paper Size in Inches

11×17 Size Chart

Dimensions in inches, cm, mm

Size Name Width x Height in inches Width x Height in cm Width x Height in mm
Tabloid Size
11″ x 17″ 27.94 x 43.18 cm 279.4 x 431.8 mm
Ledger Size
17″ x 11″ 43.18 x 27.94 cm 431.8 x 279.4 mm

Dimensions in Pixels

Size Name 72 dpi/ppi
(screen resolution)
96 dpi/ppi
(screen resolution)
300 dpi/ppi
(Print resolution)
Tabloid Size
792 x 1224 px 1056 x 1632 px 3300 x 5100 px
Ledger Size
1224 x 792 px 1632 x 1056 px 5100 x 3300 px

* PPI (pixels per inch) = DPI (dots per inch) = Resolution

PS: Besides Ledger and Tabloid in 11×17 inches, there are also “Letter paper size” and “Legal paper size” in US, Canada and Mexico, with different sizes and usage.

Differences from Some Common Sizes

Compare with ISO A3 Paper Size

For people in countries where ISO paper size is popular, it is somewhat abstract to immediately imagine the size of 11×17 paper size. If choose an ISO size similar to it, the size of A3 is the closest.

A3 paper size (which is 11.69×16.54 inches) though is very close, still not the same because both are defined by different systems, remember never to confuse these two sizes.

A3 Size VS 11x17 Paper Size
11×17 Paper Size VS A3 Size

Compare with Letter Size

11×17 paper size is exactly the sum of two 8.5 x 11 paper size, or Letter size (which is the most popular paper size in US). So it provides double space than Letter size for printing, and is more suitable for drawings with detailed data.

How they relate to each other

Cut a piece of 11×17 sheet evenly along the middle line of the long side, you will get two pieces of sheet in Letter size. However, unlike the ISO size which has exactly the same aspect ratio, the 11×17 aspect ratio is different from the Letter size.

11x17 Paper Size vs. Letter Size vs. Legal Size
11×17 Paper Size vs. Letter Size vs. Legal Size

Compare with ANSI D Size

Compared to the larger ANSI D which measures 22″x34″, the main size used for architectural drawings in the United States, 11×17 paper is better suited for making their scaled-down versions.

It does not require a special printer to fit it, and has enough space to print details for reference. Because of its smaller size, it is also far more portable than the ANSI D, and can be carried by architects or designers during construction, so that they can be marked or corrected at any time.

11x17 Paper Size vs. ANSI D Size
11×17 Paper Size vs. ANSI D Size
How they relate to each other

Averagely cut a piece of ANSI D sheet evenly along the middle line of the long side and the middle line of the short side, you will get 4 pieces of 11×17 paper. Thus, an ANSI D size is 4 times of 11×17 paper size, and the two have exactly the same aspect ratio.

Main Uses

Based on the advantages compared with other sizes under the US paper size system, 11×17 paper is normally used for diagrams, drawings and large tables, and of course office printing.

Moderate size makes 11×17 the most commonly used paper in architectural drawings and engineering, and you can find it in any engineering office.

And of course, it can also be used to print restaurant menu, posters, and materials for promotion and marketing. For example, 11×17 sized posters are popular in US and Canada.

Readily Available

As the one of the best-selling American types of paper, 11×17 size paper can be easily found in any supermarket or stationery store. The convenience of buying channels also contributes to its popularity.

Main Facts of 11×17 Paper Size

in inches: 11 x 17″
in mm: 279.4 x 431.8
in cm: 27.94 x 43.18
in pixels (72ppi): 792 x 1224 px
in pixels (96ppi): 1056 x 1632 px
in pixels (300ppi): 3300 x 5100 px

Area: 187 square inches.

Country of use: North American countries, Mexico, and the Philippines

Other name: ANSI B size, Tabloid Size or Ledger Size

Usage: Mostly used for diagrams, drawings and large tables, and of course office printing.

Approximate ISO Paper Size: A3 Size, measures 11.69 x 16.54″ in inches or 297 x 420 in mm